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About Mondia Group
Mondia Group is a leading mobile commerce company dedicated to connecting, digitalising and monetising mobile consumers. The Mondia Group provides access to over 1.5bn consumers through more than 84 mobile operators across 60 countries. With offices in 19 locations across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Mondia is committed to enabling digitalisation across the globe through its distinctive technology, strategic partnerships, extensive network and global coverage. As a worldwide industry leader, the Mondia Group has deep insight into where the markets are headed and has the expertise to leverage market-leading technologies to solve business challenges while delivering the ultimate end-user experience. Mondia Group comprises three wholly-owned subsidiaries: Mondia Digital, Mondia Pay and Mondia Innovation, which operates independently, and each with its unique value proposition and purpose.

About Mondia Digital
Mondia Digital is a consolidation of Mondia Group's digital experience business and has a product-centric, data-driven approach with a focus on opportunities in the B2B segment. In addition to creating personalised digital experiences for end-users through its content-agnostic platform, Mondia Digital also has a dedicated in-house performance marketing agency that is geared to drive and manage user acquisition throughout the entire customer lifecycle journey. Mondia Digital's extensive content library aggregates and curates over 80 million content items covering games, music, video, sports, kids and health, amongst others. Mondia Digital empowers global business brands to take advantage of its scalable solutions, which secures enhanced speed-to-market through economies of scale.

About Mondia Pay
Mondia Pay is Mondia Group's digital payment company and processes well over 2.1billion global transactions monthly. Mondia Pay offers unparalleled reach to the worlds most recognised brands and merchants, ensuring secure, simplified and seamless global Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) and digital payment solutions. Mondia Pay connects premium merchants such as Huawei, LaLiga, Deezer, PubG, OSN and hundreds of smaller merchants to existing and new audiences across the many markets they operate in. Mondia Pay's state-of-the-art, own-built next-generation platform allows for a single API integration at speed, facilitating subscriber acquisition and end-to-end customer lifecycle management.

About Mondia Innovation
Mondia Innovation is Mondia Group's dedicated innovation company, with a mission to define the future of digital. Inspired by innovation, the company is dedicated to developing disruptive, ground-breaking products and solutions in sectors like health and entertainment. Monsooq, a first-of-its-kind time-based entertainment platform, is one of the newly launched services delivering an experience never seen before. Monsooq offers a unique frontier in content monetisation for content providers. Mondia Innovation is changing how mobile users consume content, offering value and choice in a pay-as-you-consume model. Additionally, Mondia Innovation proactively searches for new partnerships to find the next new concept to revolutionise the digital experience landscape.


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