Mobile Payments

Mondia Pay’s enables secure, seamless contactless payments, through Carrier Billing (DCB), Wallets and alternative payment methods.

Helps unbanked customers

DCB helps unbanked customers to purchase online content and services. In emerging markets, DCB is often the only way for them to do this. Digital content and physical services merchants are increasingly relying on DCB.

Only enter a phone number to make a payment

DCB requires mobile users to only enter their phone number to make a payment. DCB is convenient, with no need to sign up for any additional accounts or fill out any forms. Payments are completed in a matter of seconds and provide the best checkout experience on mobile devices, where filling out forms is time consuming and cumbersome.

DCB is secure

Making payments with DCB is secure. No personal data is transmitted during the payment process so there is no need to worry about identity theft. It also always requires the user to confirm the payment on a physical device and thus makes card-not-present type fraud impossible, increases consumer trust and as a result, improves the payment conversion rate.


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