Indie Games: A Triple Win for Telcos, Developers, and Users

This blog explores the exciting world of indie games and how fostering their growth creates a win-win-win scenario for the stakeholders involved. Let’s dive into how increased global distribution, efficient commercialization opportunities, and a thriving community benefit telcos, indie game developers, and end-users in today’s fiercely competitive gaming landscape.

The Rise of Indie Games

First, let’s understand what indie games mean in today’s highly innovative digital landscape. Indie games are video games developed by smaller teams or independent developers with limited resources. These games are brimming with unique art styles and innovation, and are created with a big passion for storytelling and gameplay innovation which brings fresh ideas, unique experiences, and a touch of personality to the gaming world.

Due to their independent nature, the creation process is often focused on experimental gameplay that involves taking risks that are not usually affordable to AAA game developers, typically with bigger budgets and resource allocations. Unlike most AAA titles backed by major publishers, indie games are typically sold on digital distribution platforms like Steam or We dive into the challenges that indie developers face as these platforms often give priority to big publishers. While indie developers now have the chance to publish their games on major platforms, the competition is intense, and their creative freedom in shaping gaming content and updates can be quite constrained and regulated.

Industry Insights

More recently, Indie games have become more popular among players and have had a significant impact on the video gaming industry. Some of the famous indie games you might recognize are Minecraft, developed by Mojang, and Among Us, developed by InnerSloth.

Although the video game industry is one of the fastest growing industries, in recent years, the indie gaming industry has witnessed increased engagement from users. According to VGI, the number of indie games on digital distributor platforms like Steam is increasing at a higher rate than ever. For instance, although there are only 200 AA or AAA games released on Steam every year, in 2021, independent developers created 98% of the games on the platform. However, this statistic does not reflect the success of indie games, which was dominated by a third party. These games are disrupting the traditional gaming landscape and capturing the attention of both gamers and industry stakeholders.  This disruption of the traditional publishing model is empowering independent developers to create and distribute games without relying solely on large publishers.

Benefits for Indie Developers

Despite their creative freedom, indie developers often face challenges like limited funding and low visibility. This is where collaborating with digital distribution platforms like mDigital comes in. Here’s how working with similar platforms empowers developers:

  • Gain access to user-friendly platforms that handle commercialization, freeing developers to focus on what they do best – creating exceptional games.
  • Reach a wider audience through established telco networks and global distribution channels. This also provides visibility in emerging markets where developers can gain a diverse set of users and build a community with meaningful connections.
  • Compete effectively with AAA developers through attractive revenue-sharing models and marketing support from trusted networks.
  • Connect with players through a dedicated web portal, fostering valuable feedback and engagement. This allows developers to enhance existing gaming mechanics and create strategies to address any shortcomings in the game.

Why Telcos Should Embrace Indie Games

Indie games offer telcos a unique opportunity to enhance their offerings and enhance user experience. Telcos can enhance their subscription packages by offering a curated selection of high-quality indie games. This approach can draw in new customers by catering to a variety of gaming tastes and reach new demographics. Additionally, the subscription model benefits from more sign-ups as users engage with content that regularly updates. Ultimately, telcos can distinguish themselves by distinctive and innovative gaming experiences that are developed with out-of-the-box thinking and emerging art styles.

The Power of Community

A thriving community is essential for both developers and users. Here’s how building an indie game portal on partner platforms fosters this connection:

  • Dedicated web portal: This creates a space for developers and users to interact, share feedback, and support each other’s efforts.
  • Crowdfunding opportunities: Players can directly support developers they believe in, fostering innovation and passion for projects, and developers get feedback on games to fine-tune their content for the future.
  • Enhanced engagement: User feedback helps developers improve their games and build a loyal fanbase.

What does the future hold?

With the growing popularity of indie games, there are numerous opportunities to build collaborative platforms that connect the gaming community, enabling indie developers to engage with their audiences and create captivating content. Similarly, this interaction can be facilitated through mobile applications, allowing users to easily immerse themselves in gaming experiences. Mobile carriers have the chance to design unique user experiences that harness the latest trends in the gaming industry. Exciting prospects lie ahead for all involved!


The indie game landscape is flourishing, and mobile gaming is becoming an attractive destination for the indie gaming concept where end-users are able to access unique games through their mobile carrier apps. By fostering partnerships between telcos, developers, and end-users, the indie game landscape can reach new heights of collaboration. Increased distribution, streamlined commercialization, and a thriving community will unlock the full potential of indie games, leading to a future filled with creativity, engagement, and exceptional gaming experiences.

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