Mondia evolves its structure to support NextGen future-scaling and hypergrowth

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 21 September 2021: Mondia, a global leader in m-commerce, has optimised its organisational structure in order to support hypergrowth and build a Next Generation business.

Mondia today boasts 19 locations across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, reaching over 1.5bn end-users across over 60 countries. Mondia partners with more than 80 telco operators, over 1,000 content providers and 200 plus merchants from around the globe.

Having posted exceptional results over the past 24 months, Mondia’s expansion plans and aspirations to be even more successful in its efforts to bring digital experiences to everyone and have prompted an evolution of the Group to support its hypergrowth phase.

Dr Amadeo Rahmann, Group Chief Executive Officer, said “We have gained significant insight into how our business could thrive in an agile and focused structure which enables faster decision-making and execution. In order to transform our business into an even more data-driven, product-centric and scalable organisation, we have given a unique identity and independence to each of our main businesses in order to enable the large-scale success we seek.”

Effective 15th September 2021, Mondia will form three standalone companies, designed to be the foundation for the achievement of the group’s hypergrowth ambitions: Mondia Digital, Mondia Pay, and Mondia Innovation.

Each company will have its own leadership and structure, and will all report to the holding business, Mondia Group, with Dr Rahmann continuing as Group CEO.

Mondia Digital
This company consolidates Mondia’s Digital Experience business, providing end-to-end digital solutions in verticals such as Gaming, Music, Video-on-Demand, Lifestyle. Its product-centric approach will be key to the consolidation of its leadership position in the EMEA Telecommunication market and the base for its further expansion in new territories and industries. The Company will be led by Paolo Rizzardini as Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Paolo joined Mondia in 2018 as Managing Director Southern Europe, while in the past two years he held the position of Mondia Group Chief Commercial Officer. He has extensive international experience in digital entertainment and mobile payments due to the managerial roles he held across Europe and the Asia Pacific. Prior to joining Mondia Paolo co-founded a Spanish Fashion Tech company, where he was the COO for five years. He was also the VP of Mobile Payments for Infobip, a global leader in omnichannel communication. Paolo graduated from the prestigious University of Padova, Italy, with a degree in Computer Science Engineering and holds a postgraduate qualification in Digital Marketing. 

Mondia Pay
Mondia’s payment and fintech business has grown phenomenally in the past years and has now reached a point of maturity where it requires independence and full dedication to continue to its outstanding results annually. The company will be led by Simon Rahmann as Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Simon has been with the Mondia Group for over 15 years in a variety of roles. As the CEO of Mondia Pay Simon works with top merchants to help bring simple, fast and secure mobile payment solutions to emerging markets. Simon has a degree in Industrial Economics from the University of Warwick in the UK and received his MBA in Communications & Media studies from the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland.

Mondia Innovation
Consistent innovation is mandatory to succeed in the digital industry, and Mondia Innovation will be dedicated to defining the future of digital. Mondia is building a dedicated Innovation Hub that will guarantee the creation and nurturing of ideas that will become products. Monsooq, our time-based digital marketplace, will be part of this structure, and a CEO will be announced in due course.

The new organisational structure is expected to attract even more investment, increase divisional efficiency and time-to-market, guarantee scalability and accelerate the ongoing process of evolution that will usher in a new exciting phase of growth for the Mondia Group.

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