Our Experience: Mobile Gaming Platforms and Top Games


Here’s how we helped a large European telco connect to younger customers through mobile gaming.


A major telco held back by a games shop with outdated frontends, old content and an unattractive subscription and pricing model. Traffic was down, despite the worldwide uptake of digital entertainment through mobile games. Time to update.


The fix was clear: we rebuilt and modernised the store, adding 1000s of top games from over 300 developers. Extra features included free in-app purchases for subscribers, not found anywhere else. Unlimited digital entertainment access for an affordable monthly fee. Availability on any device. Then, we migrated existing users to the new platform and assisted with subscriber acquisition to ensure a seamless upgrade for new and existing users.


The new store went live in under 3 months (including product setup, integrating the telco, and migrating the existing customer base) with immediate positive effects. Higher levels of traffic and usage of the games portal increased revenue by more than 200% in the first year. Proof that playtime can be profitable with a partner that understands the seriousness of it all.

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